Petar Radonich immigrated from Croatia in 1904.  In 1911, he became a US Citizen. 
He purchased Radonich Ranch in 1919 and ran a successful 
fruit packing business until WWII.

This photo was taken at Petar's son Billy's wedding to Katie Desin in 1924.
The building in the background is the Packing House at Radonich Ranch.

The Packing House today (2014).

The Radonich family has been making alcoholic beverages on the Ranch since the 1920s. Billy and his friend Antone were arrested for operating a still on the property
in July of 1929. The photos above are of Billy and Katie Radonich
(The Radonich Brothers' Grandparents). 

Photo of Billy and Katie Radonich's Four Children taken in 1947.
Nancy, Peter, Bill and Andy (left to right).
The boys ran the Radonich Brothers Trucking Company from 1956-1991

Peter Radonich (Brad and Randy's Dad) was a decorated WWII Veteran.
He was a broadcast radio journalist and radio station director from 1947-1970. 
He later served as President of the California Trucking Association in 1978.
He and his brothers ran the Radonich Brothers Trucking Company from 1956-1991.
He was a gift to the community as he recorded books for the blind and
was a leader of the Disabled American Veterans San Jose Chapter.

Brad and Randy Radonich have been business partners since childhood.  
They had their first paper route when they were age 9 and 11.
They worked together at their Dad's Trucking Business for years
before they started  ERS Industrial Services.
In 2007 they planted the first vines at Radonich Brothers Vineyards
and have been working to produce Estate Grown and Bottled Pinot Noir
and Chardonnay on the land that has been in the family since 1919.


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